Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shopping Finds!

Oh, look! I'm doing another random post because I realized I did something interesting! Haha. I've been super busy with my summer classes (I'm taking Anatomy Mon-Fri 8am-2pm). So it's pretty much taking up all my time. BUT I did have a chance to go shopping. Here is my adventure:

So, I've always had a hard time fitting into heels because I have wide feet so when I found these Paris Hilton shoes & they fit perfectly, I NEEDED to have them.....except they were $85 at the mall. :(
(found here)
BUT my friend told me, she bought the same shoes at Marshalls. For $30. So where do you think I went next? :) (Also, on my way to Marshalls I made myself a deal that if I didn't spend money at Marshalls, I will go thrifting)

Unfortunately they didn't have those shoes but I did find these: *angels sing*

As you can see from this crappy photo I took with my cell phone, they were only $20! The problem? They didn't have my size. I'm usually a 7-7 1/2 and so I tried on an 8 but the shoe was definitely too long. But it was PERFECT everywhere else. :(
(& If you're thinking these heels are too high, I'm only 5'1 so I need the extra 3 inches!)

This wasn't so bad, because if you read above, this means that I can go to Salvation Army. Which I did.
I spend $5 & I got....

This mug! For 49 cents. The bottom says its an Avon Valentines Day Mug from 1983. I think it was in a set because the bottom fits to sit on top of other mugs. I thought it was cute & tacky and I love mugs. 

I got another mug :) This one is probably my 2nd favorite after my retro soup mug. I love the colors & its just so fun! I LOVED the Berestain Bears as a child (I might still own the tapes and watch them occasionally) and this mug which was also 49cents, which means I had to have it. (& you might notice my background on my MacBookPro is 500 Days of Summer, one of my all-time favorite movies. I seriously LOVE Zooey Deschanel.)

& FINALLY I found this Acorn ceramic container. It was brand new & $4. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be a cookie jar but right now, it holds all my medicines. Which works for me! :) It's so cute, a definitely awesome find.

So thanks for reading this long post. I'm going to go to the Marshalls back home (I'm at school right now) to see if they have the shoes. I'll definitely post if there's a success! Maybe I'll even bake tomorrow after studying and post my amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe :)


  1. HI! thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Is that your cat in the header? soooo cute! nice to meet you :)

  2. yes! that's my kitty weaver, i got her from the animal shelter i work at! :) nice to meet you too! :D

  3. Both of those shoes are lovely! Wish I could walk in heels that high.
    And your acorn pot is so adorable :)


  4. Omigosh, I just bought a pair of heels SO similar to that from Marshalls!! $16.99 however, I think I've decided they are just a BIT too tall for my sort of lifestyle. I might be returning them >.<