Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bucket List


1) Go to Alaska
I haven't done much traveling and I love snow and winter, it looks so nice there! I'd love to take an Alaskan cruise or something, too.

2) Watch the ball drop in Times Square
Yes, its a cliche New Years tradition but it would be quite an experience to go and be part of all the hype just for one year.

3) Try a pint of Butterbeer
I've seen many different recipes that I'd like to try (some alcoholic, and non-alcoholic) or I could just get some if I visit the theme park. Either way, this is a must try.

4) See the Grand Canyon
Another travel to do that I want to accomplish. This natural wonder is amazing and I can't wait until I get to see it!

5) Have a perfect Christmas tree
Seeing that my parents use a fake one, this cannot be accomplished until I'm living on my own. Perfect to me is a nice variety of ornaments that each have a story, popcorn strings, garland, white lights, and of course a star on top. :) I sure do love Christmas


Have ice cream cake at my birthday
Oh yes, this probably sounds super silly but my family prefers the traditional style cakes. When it comes to birthdays, I LOVE ice cream cake. So I demanded it for the first time, on my 20th birthday this year and got it. Huzzah. It was delicious.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bucket List

Hi! One thing I love doing is organizing and adding goals to my Bucket List. I would LOVE to share my list with you and update my readers on my progress. Because I have well over 1,500 goals on it, I am going to do it in segments. Each Saturday, I will show you 5 Goals I have and then 1 I have already accomplished. Contribute by commenting with your goals! Enjoy!

1) Graduate College
Currently in the process of completing! I'm an Exercise and Sport Science major with a minor in Biology. After graduating from Fitchburg State, my goal is to continue onto Grad School to become a PA (Physician Assistant)

2) See a blue whale
I live right next to "Whaling City" and I have yet to see a whale! Maybe if I take a whale watch in the right location, I can fulfill this!

3) Have a baby
Obviously NO time soon, haha but definitely in the future! I would love a girl. I love the names Olivia, Madeline, Violet, Alice, Sophia, Emma, and Lily.

4) Be a homeowner
I'm hoping that by saving some money, I will be abe to do this after Grad School. Even just a small townhouse, I can't wait for my own place!

5) Own every color of OPI Nail Polish
Even though there are like 300 some odd colors, I'd love to, way in the future, own them all. The quality of this nail polish is awesome and I love them!


1) Build something at Build-a-Bear
I made Charlie, a panda bear, at Build a Bear about two years ago. I freaking love that store! Definitely going back :)

NOTE :: All the photos I include in my Bucket List posts are generally from this blog and this one, unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What did I do on Sunday?

I ran my first 5k!!

It was awesome! I didn't really complete it in my goal time. I took 51 minutes and 25.5 seconds. :( But I finished and for barely training due to the craziness of finals, I am super proud of myself. It was the Falcon 5K at my school and it was fun! I won a beach chair at the raffle at the end too. My legs felt like someone took an axe to them until Tuesday, no big deal. 

I am definitely going to do this again soon! A few of my friends and I are forming a group to do the Color Run in Boston this summer and potentially a red dress run for heart disease. (I don't think we run in dresses). Not to mention the Warrior Dash is coming up but I'm going to do the September one instead of June. (June = chaos for me)

Have a nice weekend and stay healthy =)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Review: PUSH

I've been reading a ton lately and also just finished this book:

I really enjoyed this. The novel is written from the points of view of Precious, a girl who goes through extreme sexual abuse throughout her life and decides to start a new life for herself and signs herself up for an alternative school after she is thrown out of her high school for being pregnant. Illiterate, Precious learns skills at the school and meets other students who have been abused and learns how to begin her new, and happy lifestyle. This book was very good and you can see her writing skills slowly improve throughout the novel. She starts off by spelling ask "ax" and mother "muver" but you watch her grow through her journal entries. Although this book is great, it was very graphic when it came to her sexual abuse so I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone under 14/15(depending on maturity). Overall, I loved it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review :: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

I just finished this book and it was amazing!

The story is told through the journal of Christopher Boone, a teenage boy who has autism. It is a very interesting read because he speaks very literally and analytically and its captivating to read how an autistic mind perceives and understands things. I read the book in about a week. It was an easy, light read that left me wanting to find out more. The storyline is that Christopher find his neighbors dog murdered with a garden fork. He begins the novel with the intention of writing a murder novel to find out the killer but he finds out much more than that and learns a lot about himself, his past, and his family. An amazing book, I recommend it to everyone.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

21 Before 21

So I didn't get everything done I wanted to before I was 20, but this is a new year! I'm on my way to my 21st Birthday!! Wow! Hah. Here is a list of things I want to do, before I turn 21!

1. Get A Perm :: Yes, this was on my last list. But my hair never got long enough for me to get one (since I want long curly/wavy hair. So I'm planning on not cutting my hair until May/June and saving for a perm then.

2. Finish the Warrior Dash :: Oh Yeah baby! This, I will do!

3. Get down to my ideal weight! :: This is a big goal but I know by training daily and continuing a completely healthy diet, I can do it. My goal is around 120lbs. (That would be a healthy weight for my height 125, is even considered overweight!) I CAN do this!

4. Save money for an investment account :: I want to save up about $1000 ish to put in a CD for a future place either for rent or a mortgage. Either way, its good to have that money aside and earning interest. I would love to have enough for a down payment by the time I finish Grad School.

5. Get my CNA certification :: I need this to get a job as a CNA which I need to gain healthcare experience to get into Grad School! *whew* So I'm hoping to get that certification in the next year, maybe even a small part time job as one in the summer.

6. Run IN a 5K :: Last year I just wanted to run and not compete. I never thought last year I would be where I am today. I never thought I would be able to run and I am so psyched to be able to compete and I will complete a 5K! (Maybe a 10K next year!)

7. Raise my GPA to 3.1+ :: This will be tricky as last semester, I did, well, pretty much horribly. Since then I've taken a lot off my plate and next year will be much easier for me.

8. Keep up with Blogging :: I'd like to think that since January/February I've been getting better and I'd love to get more followers, and have avid readers! I get excited when I just see one comment, I'd love to know people actually read my blog!

9. Get my nose pierced :: I've always wanted a little ring in it!

10. Visit Boston :: It really is sad that I live 40 minutes away yet haven't been there in years. I should plan a trip to go with some friends.

11. Read 10 Books :: I know it doesn't sound like much, but when you're a full-time science student while being an RA & babysitting, I don't have much time left to read. I think 10 books is a reasonable number since I clearly didn't make the 20 Book goal last year.

12. Go to Six Flags :: I've never been! I'm hoping to go this summer!

13. Post one item on Etsy :: Again, this was on here last year. But I haven't figured out the whole finance thing. PayPal, shipping costs, etc. It all confuses me. I have stuff to sell but honestly don't know where to start! Maybe theres a book on it somewhere...

14. Donate my hair :: Right now my hair is getting SO long (bottom of my chest length) and my plan is to not cut it until September, that way I go back to school healthier, and with a new haircut!

15. Bake goodies for Christmas :: This past Christmas I spent waaaay too much money on presents for everyone I knew and I didn't really have the money so yeah, this year I'm planning to just go home a weekend, make a shit ton of peppermint bark or cookies or something. Then just package them up in pretty boxes. There we go, cheap, quick, and people will love them :)

16. Fill my entire Crayon bank up with coins :: Self-explanatory. I have a three foot tall Crayon bank that I put coins and sometimes extra money I have in. When (and only when) its filled to the tippity top, will it cash it in. (It would have to be like $500 at least, seriously)

17. Buy a pair of moccasins :: They look so comfy! I dont have any :( I've been eyeing the nice super soft ones from LLBean. I think they're "Wicked Soft"...yeah I want those :)

18. Make a pizza (& dough) from scratch :: I'll be living in an apartment again this summer with a kitchen, I can't wait to be cooking again :)

19. Read 20 Books :: This is my GoodReads goal for the year, so far I'm 7 in. I can totally do this!

20. Go for a bike ride with my best friend :: My best friend April just had brain surgery and is just starting to learn to walk again on her own. Being able to go for a bike ride with her like old times within a year would be amazing...and definitely attainable <3

21. Organize, Organize, Organize :: I've already gone through all my stuff in my dorm room and thrown out SO much clutter. Now I need to do the rest at home. I don't think I'll consider myself a "minimilist" but definitely decluttered :)

This list is definitely attainable and I will try to follow up with what I've accomplished. Also, this is super late seeing my birthday was 24 days ago. Oh well.

What's Up

Hello few followers!

So a lot has been going on and I really haven't had much time to blog but I'm hoping once this semester end in a few weeks, I'll have some free time to edit the drafts I've made and post them. Anyways, I've been spending a lot of time in the hospital with my best friend April because she had brain surgery on January 12th. She has been in the hospital since then and she is slowly learning how to walk and talk again. She is doing fabulously (if you want to follow her progress you can like her page) but I've been spending mucho time there supporting her. Not to mention I have a RA job at school along with my classes (and a 7pg paper due in a week AHH!). So yeah I've been a wee bit busy.

This summer, I'm living in an on campus apartment again and created an entire meal plan and shopping list already. I'm hoping to post some recipes I cook on here as well as blog in general. I am taking a CNA class (Certified Nurse Aide) course so I can start working as one in the fall. I'm also going to be taking a summer class all summer too. So I hope I have time to blog then, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. :P Waah.

Anyways, yeah that's my life right now. Maybe I'll post a What I'm Watching post later. Oh & I'm running my first 5K on Sunday!! Super stoked.

Ok peace out girl scouts

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Busy Busy

Obviously I haven't been blogging lately and I'm not too upset about it. I've been focusing more on my academics and haven't had time to do anything blog-worthy or take pictures. I'm staying on campus again this summer and taking Exercise Physiology I & II and getting my CNA certification and babysitting here and there. I'll try to post when I can.  I'm not even watching Netflix lately, just studying, working, crying, haha. That's my life.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Super Sunday

I love this! Once I get this good at crocheting, these will definitely be on my future couch :)

Is this not the coolest cake?

Pink chalkboard door!

So cozy!

I love this picture! Haha

Uhm, Twix Caramel Popcorn? YES!

Again, things have been crazy but hopefully they will start to tone down and I can pay a little more attention to this blog :P

Have a nice long weekend!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Okay so things are pretty crazy right now. I have a ton of crap going on and that is the main reason why I'm not blogging consistently....or at all. Also that Blogger has completely effed up my blog and I literally can't view past post, or do anything besides write this one. It's like (in the editing mode) I'm starting completely over *sigh*

Anyways, I hope this post works and sorry I haven't been posting. Maybe by the end of the month I'll share the giveaway I won at another blog :)

See ya later alligator.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Super Sunday

This week, I'm loving...

This embroidery! :)

This adorable heart garland! (One of my awesome residents actually made this for me, it looks great around my door!)


Would like this shirt very much so. :)

I know this is so short. I had barely any time to prepare this. As well as barely any sleep last night. (The life of an RA)

Thanks for visiting, I just found a new thrift store in the area that I will try to go to tomorrow. 

Toodle-oo :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Game Review: Lego Harry Potter Yrs 1-4

For Christmas, I got this game and I love it! :) I'm a Harry Potter fanatic and this game is awesome! Heres why:

-Definitely stays true to the HP franchise (i.e, music, hogwarts, storyline)
-Lots of mini games, achievements, levels, and mini-quests
-The characters are cute. Theres no dialog so they make they cute little noises for emotions. I think its funny :)
-It's not a continuous play game, its levels. So it saves more often and you can go back and replay favorite levels

-If you haven't seen movies that the Lego games are based on, the storyline makes no sense. 

Overall: This game rocks. Buy it and love it :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thrift Find :: Christmas!

I came across this beauty of a cookie jar last month.

(The wallpaper is just stunning huh? -____- )

It needed a good washing but seriously, for $3 how could I pass this up? I love it!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Super Sunday

Genius idea for a closet! 

Awesome Toy Story cake! 

Harry Potter clever!

True words by Sirius Black

A beautifully organized craft room :)

2012 Goals

My Goals for 2012:

- Exercise 5 days a week :: This past semester I went probably only 3-4 days/week. 
- Complete the Warrior Dash :: Bitchin.
- Brush teeth twice a day :: I forget sometimes and would love even pearlier whites
- Set aside study time for each class :: I need to do better this semester and have more efficient study habits.
- Make healthy eating choices :: Especially in that dining hall!
- Open my etsy shop :: And finally post an item!! I have one ready. I just need to price, photograph, and post.
- Get my CNA license :: I need to get this, to get a CNA job, to get experience, to get into grad school
- Save money and budget better :: I'm broke. I need to start saving to a place to live around the time of grad school when I might not be working. I opened a 2nd savings and I'm going to save in there, then open a 2 year CD.
- Put bulletins up on and on time :: My RA weakness. Bulletin Board. Plan them sooner and put up early/on time!
- Stay on top of laundry :: Try to do it weekly and not let it pile up, Sarah. -__- I tend to do laundry when I'm out of clothes.
- Keep a cleaner room :: Take stuff home, throw stuff out, put things away, and STAY organized. Another weakness of mine :P
- Run a 5K :: Sign up and compete!
- Plan a month of blog posts :: That way if I get busy, I'll still have something. :)
- Read a little every day :: I'm ashamed to say I didn't read at all last semester. I'm currently reading Pride & Prejudice and want to read a little each day to continue my long reading list next semester.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Watching

(I haven't been watching many movies lately so I'll share with you some of my favorite TV Shows!)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

My brother and his friends told me to watch this show and I was skeptical. I thought My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic would be a silly kids show (and yes it is) but its awesome. It's by the maker of Powerpuff Girls (So you know its good haha) and it's quirky and has amazingly lovable chracters. So seriously, I recommend watching the episodes on YouTube. Also this show is actually getting kind of popular, many males (15-25) are watching this show and calling themselves Bronies. Haha But overall, its awesome check it out :)

The Big Bang Theory

I'm sure you've heard of this show, it is getting quite popular. But my whole family has been watching since Season 1, and if you haven't seen it yet, you need to! It's SO funny! The characters are memorable and everyone's favorite (Sheldon) is played by Jim Parsons who is hilarious. The chemistry (haha) of the characters and general atmosphere of the show is intelligent, quirky, and fun. 

How I Met Your Mother

The only way you couldn't have seen this show yet (at least once) was if you dont have cable because its very popular and on all the time. However, it deserves to be. Told in stories from How I (Ted Mosby) Meets Your (His kids) Mother, it heart warming, hilarious, and a great show. I had seen many episodes on TV but in no particular order but lately, since its on Netflix, I've started watching the seasons correctly and appreciating the show for its greatness even more! If you haven't seen it, I'm shocked and you need to.

My Boys

Another "friends hanging out show" but I loved it. Unfortunately they took it off the air but it got a solid four seasons in. It was so funny and the characters are memorable. It also stars Jim Gaffigan who is a stand up comedian, also very funny. The four seasons are on Netflix so watch them!

What are some of your favorite shows? 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Game Review: Plants vs. Zombies

This game didn't work on my Macbook so I bought it for the XBOX & I love it!

It was around $20 for the Microsoft Points but it's totally worth it. Incase you're not familiar with the game, its set in an apocalypse where you have to protect your house from planting! Some plants shoot peas, squirt poison, and form blockades. You need to strategically place the different plants to defend your house from the waves of zombies. Sounds weird? No. It's awesome. Here's what I loved:

-Super cool mini games
- Co-op! (Play with friends)
-Huge variety of plants (much more than the demo)
-I think the different zombies are cool, they all have characteristics
-Tons of fun!

(Game Play)

-I can't play it for more than 30 min or so. Levels are all the same game play, get kind of bored
-Music will get stuck in your head. (haha)

Overall, I love this game and I'm trying to convince my friends to play with me! If you're on XBOX Live, friend me and we can play together: sarahmcrosby484

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Super Sunday

First Super Sunday of 2012! Hopefully I will do one every week this year!

I've been loving these Bucket List pins from this awesome blog, check out my board!

This (tangle-free) headphone wrap tutorial is awesome! Potential program in Russell Towers?

I love winter!

Such pretty Valentines decorations! 

I dream about this Gypsy Chandelier one day hanging over my dining room table. Ahh.

How about this clock? Adorable! The eyes move with the ticking, too :)

50 Smoothie Recipes!