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Hello Readers!

I'm Sarah. I'm 19 years old and in my second year at Fitchburg State University in MA studying Exercise & Sport Science and minoring in Biology and hopefully moving on to PA School afterwards to become a PA (Physician Assistant). It's an exciting and demanding program that will lead me to my dream job of working in a hospital or doctor's office. 

When I'm not studying, I love to bake, thrift shop, craft, and snuggle with my kitty, Weaver. :) I blog about all these things as well as my weight loss journey. I'm currently training for the Warrior Dash in June and I post about my diet, results, and training.

So I will mentioned my cats in my posts when I'm home. So here's an introduction to my kitties at home in Dartmouth, MA. :)
    My Kitties:
    Weaver (The Weaving Cat)

    My family adopted Weaver in November of 2009. She's about 3 years old, fluffy, chubby, and extremely talkative and curious. We absolutely love her :) (She also strike hilarious poses, as you can see)


    Spunky is a 5 year old cat who used our garage as shelter in the January 2010 Snowstorm...and never left. She hangs around in & outside of the house and is pretty mean (since she WAS feral) but she is also very photogenic.

    *UPDATE: She's not as mean! You can actually pet her twice before she hisses at you. Definitely an improvement. *

    (Although Weaver does torment her by stalking her in the house and jumping on her back when she gets the chance. Poor Spunky, but Weavy just wants to play!)

    Slightly-Interesting-Yet-Useless Facts About Sarah

    • I drink a ton of water (in the summer, sometimes up to a gallon/day)
    • I love the color yellow.
    • I paint my nails every day. I find it soothing & stress relieving. 
    • I'm addicted to Peppermint Altoids. 
    • I love rock, swing, jazz, and some country & rap music. Some of my favorite bands are Squirrel Nut Zippers, Beatles, Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and (old) Green Day.
    • Reading takes up a lot of time in my life. I enjoy mysteries & crime novels especially Stephen King & Agatha Christie. I love getting book recommendations, so share your favorites with me! I'll post reviews about books that I finish, too!
    • I'm a Harry Potter fanatic!
    • I know the entire dialog to The Princess Bride
    • & elf
    • & Beauty and the Beast :)
    • I'm very 'Type A' and need to make lists. Which is why I am going to marry Listography.com :)
    • I love Christmas. Although religiously, I am atheist.
    • As much as I love animals, I am allergic to cats and dogs. (But I still snuggle them as I'm sneezing and itching)
    • Chocolate Soy Milk is my best friend.
    • I'm pretty sure I make the best chocolate chip cookies in all of Bristol County
    • I reorganize all my possessions probably once a month. I am very indecisive.
    • My indecision is giving me trouble in the first tattoo department. 
    • Have any other questions? Let me know!

    Check out the 'Where to Find Me' links on the right, too!

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