Wednesday, July 20, 2011

20 Before 20

20 is a pretty big number and I have pretty big expectations for the next year until I celebrate on April 2nd.  Here's what I want to do before I turn the big 2-0. :)

1. Run a 5k 
    I'm slowly taking up running with my busy schedule and I hope I'll be able to run a 5k by then. Note I didn't say IN a 5k, just run one by myself.

2. Lose 30lbs.
    This definitely goes hand in hand with the first one. I've been attempting this life change since the beginning of the summer but it's been hard (duh!) I'm not going to tell you guys excuses but the start of the new year means longer gym hours and longer time I'll be there. I've lost 8lbs so far and I'm looking forward to another 22 by my birfday. I have much more than that to lose but I think it's a good starting point. I might do a vlog here and there to post about my progress.

3. Read 20 Books

      This will be tracked in my side bar which right now just says 'Summer Reading' but will turn into a general reading list. With classes this summer I'm only on my 2nd book but I'm hoping to speed that up. I truly do love to read, it's just finding the time. I'll try to squeeze in just like 2 chapters before bed every night. It will eventually add up. :)

4. Raise my GPA
     Since my birfday is in April, this means I have just this summer and fall to accomplish this. Right now, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I had a rough last semester and ended up with a cumulative of 3.1. It took me off Dean's List. :( Which I know means nothing generally but it still gives me a nice sense of pride. I'm hoping that with my summer and fall classes to get back on the list with a 3.4 :)

5. Donate Blood (Again!)
     I donated blood a few weeks ago for the first time and it went so well. I had a crippling fear of needles/bloodwork and it was a big step for me, maybe I'll make a separate post about my experience. Anyways, I'd love to do it again since it went so well.

6. Buy 1 ModCloth Dress
    I will have to get in shape for this one! Only a select few of their dresses come in plus sizes and none of them are under $50. I drool over those dresses 24/7 anyways, I'd love to be able to buy one and have it fit.

7. Get 100 Followers
     This will definitely be a stretch! But it seems like nothing to the blogs I read with over 3000 followers. :O "Whaaat?" I was excited when I got a 4th one. Hahah

8. Finish Wrecking my Journal

          Santa got me this journal last year and it's not your typical journal! The picture on the left is one of the examples of instructions that are in it. Some are "smear something on this page" "Collect fruit stickers here" "Take this in the shower with you" "Number every page". Each page has something different on it and it is quite extensive. It'd be awesome if I could get it all done by then!

9. Go for a hike
      I'm embarrassed to say I've never really been on a hike. I went a loooong time ago when I was like 8 but don't remember a lot of it. There are a few small trails locally that I want to tour in the fall with my camera. :)

10. Successfully sell something on etsy.
      Right now I currently have a shop on etsy. But I haven't posted anything. I'm very picky about my crafts and think it's never good enough to sell. So I want to change my thinking and perfect my crafts and hope to sell at least one item.

11. Take A Day Trip to Boston
        I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life and now I'm a block away from a train that goes directly to Boston. Yet I haven't been in years. Only to go to the Museum of Science but I just go straight home. I've never really gotten to know the area. I need to make time (& money) for a spontaneous trip to Boston.

12. Finish my A&P Studying
(Look at that hair, gorgeous)
      I took (or am taking) A&P over the summer. This means cramming an entire year of science learning into a month. To be quite honest, I don't know what I should by now. Not that I haven't been learning in class, I have been. But every day, he lectures on 3 chapters and I just don't remember it all because each day is a new subject, so theres no discussion. So I've started with the beginning of the book and I'm reteaching myself. Most people will be like "You're crazy, why would you do that?" Well most people, this is going to be my career. I NEED to know this stuff. I enjoy learning about it and this extra effort will assist me in my future medical classes as well. So I've been going chapter by chapter, highlighting, answering review questions, doing practice tests, etc. I'm only on Chapter 3 so far. I want to finish the book by then. 

13. Take a trip (out of New England!)
        I want to travel and SEE what's out there! Nearly all of our family vacations have been in NH, MA, ME, & VT. I want to get out there and see other states, and learn about other "cultures". Does that make sense? I mean yes, all our cultures are "American" but accents, foods, slang, and habits change wherever you go in the USA. Did you know in Massachusetts we have Coffee Milk? or how milkshakes here are called "Frappes"? :)

14. Become a vegetarian!
        I currently only eat white meat occasionally (except for my turkey bacon!) but I want to eat healthier and there are so many by products and antibiotics in meat now, I want to make the better choice and incorporate more organics in my diet. That might be difficult on a Dining Hall diet but I'll make it work :)

15. Finish a knitting/crochet project
      I always start them and never end up finishing! I'll definitely post about them when I do!

16. Build a snowman
       Here in Fitchburg we get a LOT of snow. So many classes were cancelled this year and I never played in the snow :( My excuse with my friends was that I didn't have a snow suit and I didn't want to get wet. I was a debbie downer. I'm going to get some gear and make snow-angels, build  snow men, and have snowball fights. :)

17. Reread Harry Potter series
       I do this every year. I will do it again :)

18. Drink only water for one month

       I drink a TON of water anyways but I would love to do an experiment to see how much even just one soda affects your body and track how I feel after "purifying". The hardest part of this will be my coffee. I love coffee and drink it every morning. Maybe I'll do this when I run out. You know, don't want to be wasteful :)

19. Get a perm
     I LOVE curly hair and I want to wait until my hair gets very long and get a loose curl perm :)

20. Take a trip to NYC around Christmastime.
      I've always wanted to window shop and ice skate there in December :) & I am so ready for winter. I've been listening to Pandora's christmas radio. Sad huh? It's okay I know I'm weird.

If your birfday isn't for a while, make one of these! I'd love to check yours out! :)


  1. Hey Sarah! Thanks for your comment on my post. I have thought of Graphic Design, but it would involve a lot more schooling and I'm scared of taking such an expensive/time-consuming risk! Lots to think about for sure.

    These goals are all so awesome and a lot of them are totally doable! Speaking from experience, don't pressure yourself with the weight loss too hard. 8lbs so far is amazing, just be happy with the progress you make! It sounds like your head is in the right place for sure :)

  2. Awh thanks girl! : ) As for the expense with college there are always scholarship and tons of help if you're on your own. But it does take a while to complete : P Good luck!

  3. I'm gonna do this! I'm gonna do this! You're like a year away from being 20 right? I would have to do 24 before 24 or something.. I am 23 in two months. EEK! I might steal a few from you. Totally want a modcloth dress and reread Harry Potter and the water thing and hiking!

  4. Hahaha I know! I'm on my way! I finished a book today! :) I'll definitely repost the list on my birfday to say what I got done, to hold me accountable in a way :) but yeah definitely do this! i'd love to see your list!!! :D