Sunday, July 24, 2011

Super Sunday!

This Sunday, I want to share with you funny videos I've stumbled upon in the past week : )

So I love old people & this guy is doing this at 102? (i think that's what it said!) It peaked my interest!


"Talking" Dog Tease. I love this, I want to watch all the videos on their channel!

Even though I work at an animal shelter, I kind of despise like those commercials with Sarah McLaughlin. They make it seem like you need to donate money because shelters are awful. I like this one (even though those cats are CGIs) because it tells people, "hey, you should adopt!" : )

I WANT THIS CAT!!!!! He's awesome.

I found this guys reaction to fireworks, very funny. I see a web redemption in his future! : ) 
Next time, buy real fireworks!

-This illustrator perfects this cartoon kitty!
-I just want to say that THIS is how I'm going to furnish my future house, go and buy old ugly dressers at thrift store for like $40, & sand & paint them gorgeous bright colors : D
-I want to make these! We have some of these old cans at home! This will definitely be done! : D
-I think these cookies would be perfect for a Christmas-in-July Party! I would love to host one!
-This green smoothie looks so yummy & will help me get healthier and eat more product & less processed foods!
-This is cool. 20 "famous last words" : )

Sorry this is short! I have to get to work in 15 minutes and just threw this together : )

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