Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

As promised, I wanted to show you what Halloween looks like in my area of northern Mass....

I spent today, having fun with my buddy Shannon as she rolled down the snowy hills in Fitchburg. as you can see, we have a lot!

Shannon is Bat Girl and I am...

(this picture is from last year, but its the same costume, whatever!)

As we drove around today (because our classes were cancelled) we took some pictures of the local damage from the snow.

Trees are down ALL over, and the parking lots are so empty because all of the stores were closed due to no power. We went to Target but they didn't have power, just generators for a few lights and the registers. It was weird, shopping in Target in the dark. But yeah that was my Halloween. 

How was your Halloween? What were you dressed up as? :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super Sunday!

These BEAUTIFUL paint by numbers. I just love how they look in this yellow stairway!

Mini garden! Like a terrarium...only cuter :)

These super cute potholders! :)

I love this quote. It seriously motivates me to get off my butt!

LOVE this shirt! One of my favorite books!

This adorable sweater!

I live in Massachusetts and we got hit with the snow storm that I'm sure you know about. We have a foot of snow on the ground and our power is going off frequently. I had some time to throw this post together but tomorrow I'll take some pictures and post about the storm. Many trees are down all over the campus. It's a mess. 

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy National Cat Day!

Today, October 29th is National Cat Day! So go celebrate by giving your cat a treat and some kisses!


Sleepy Spunky

Meow :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

I Love...

....curling up with a blanket warm from the dryer

What's not to love about that? 


Have an amazing weekend! See you Sunday for SUPER SUNDAY! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Watching (Wednesday)

So I'm going to try to make one of these every Wednesday...but we'll see how that goes.

This week, I've been watching...

I hadn't seen this movie before but I enjoyed it. Wasn't really that funny but the plot was entertaining. Although movies like these really grind my gears when everything goes wrong with the main character. I feel bad for them. Like Meet the Parents, Fockers, etc. Poor Ben Stiller. When will he get a break?

Ah! I loved this one! The murder mystery behind it was good. The killer was a somewhat surprise in the end but it was bloody and entertaining. Although seeing that I'm watching it for the first time in 2011, the scream mask isn't scary at all. I just see an unoriginal halloween costume.

This documentary was very cool! It was about global warming and how the glaciers are melting and scientists are wondering if they've melted before. So teams of researchers are in Antarctica drilling thousands of miles into the ice and below the sea to find sediment deposits from millions of years ago. Its awesome how they find fossilized plants from when the continent was tropical! :) I'm a nerd.

Ended my studying marathon last night with this hilarious George Carlin comedy film. I hadn't actually watched his stand up before, just heard a few jokes/youtube videos. But he was awesome! Can't wait to watch other performances of his.

What have you watched this week? Any recommendations on Netflix?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Xbox! & Game Review!

I am so psyched to share with you that I got some of my hard earned money together and got.....

An XBOX 360! :)

I got a spankin' deal on it, too. I bought it from a friend for $130. So far, I LOVE it! Although this week, I haven't had much time to play it at all! (Talk about roommate drama time a bazillion)

One game I did play however, that actually came with the XBOX was....


So here's my review of the game:

I'll give the game a solid 7/10
The story follows a girl (or boy if you select it) who is a born "hero" and needs to kill this guy who wants her dead and tried to kill her before. Honestly, that's as descriptive as I get. (Hence why one con listed below, is cutscenes)

-It was fun!
-I loved the different worlds
-Awesome controls for fighting
-Game has mini quests! :)
-Controls are easy to maneuver
-You get a doggy
-Lots of achievements to discover!
-Puzzles hidden in the game

-Cutscenes were vague, long, and quiet boring. & With no subtitles, on an old TV, I can't really hear them sometimes! Meh.
-Your character is super ugly. (It's a con in my book! Why do you think Lara Croft is popular?)
-Sometimes, the in game controls are sloppy. Like in other games, if you walk into a villager, they usually move or you go through them. In Fable II, you CAN'T! So especially in an alley, when a group was walking by, and I had to wait at the end for them to go by. It's slightly annoying.
-Storyline is ehh.
-After the game ends..THATS IT! You can't play anymore! So if I want to go back and finish quests, I have to load the saved game prior to the final boss battle.
-I beat it in a few days :( Definitely NOT 100 hours to beat it (unless you count all the achievements)

So it seems like I hated the game, but I really didn't! I had fun and I recommend you try it if you have an XBOX! Add me on LIVE, too!   Gamertag: sarahmcrosby484

Happy Gaming :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Super Sunday

So about how I'm crazy about this guy

Cake batter fudge. Om Nom Nom

This deer <3

Peppermint Patty! Will definitely try this (in two years of course!)

High speed photography!

Cat Spatula? Yes Please!

These gorgeous piercings!

Not ONLY is this cute, but the money goes to Ovarian Cancer Research! :)

Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone! I'll try to do a post later this week. I'm thinking a photo/hour post! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pit Bull Awareness Day!

October 22nd is National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

(Happy, Humane Society 2010)

This wonderful breed is unfortunately, an outcast. After doing several research papers and working at an animal shelter, I've learned the truth about these lovable dogs and I'd like to share them with you!

  • They are VERY intelligent and easily motivated! (This is why they get a bad rep, owners train their dogs to be aggressive and the dogs stick to that training)
  • They over-bred and under-wanted, and they are filling up shelters around the US. 
  • Even dogs that were in dog fighting, aren't human aggressive, just toward dogs. In fact in the dog fighting world, if a dog was aggressive toward his trainer, they would kill it.
  • They are great with kids! This is also because of their tough exterior they can handle their tail getting stepped on, knocked over, etc.
  • They DO NOT have locking jaws! If they did, they wouldn't be considered a dog since the bite is defined by the species.
  • A Pit isn't for everyone though! If you've never had a dog, this may not be for you because they need lots of socialization and training as a puppy to become the amazing dog they are!
  • Probably the only thing dangerous about them is the strength of a happy pit's tail when they see their owner. That whip can hurt! :)

If you want to see for yourself, take a drive to your local animal shelter! They would love to assist in stopping their bad reputation. You never know, you may find you're new best friend! :)

I also just wanted to share with you that the picture isn't from Google but I took that at my animal shelter last year. Happy was abandoned, tied up in the backyard with no food and water. & Look! He was still lovable and sweet toward all of the workers :)

For more information about Pit Bulls, try these non-profit websites!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Super Sunday

These kittens are too cute!

I am seriously having Christmas-fever! & How adorable are these cats? (I might be able to get Weaver to do this....)

Love this sign! :)

Beautiful roses in a garden!

I am SO going to make this one day!! :)

I would have loved this when I was younger! ....Okay I'd still love it now. 

Future yard requirement.

This is interesting! I'm not sure how often I'd use it....but I want it :)

- How to Leash Train a Cat (This is what I want to do with my future kitties)

Have a fantastic Sunday! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sayin' Hi!

Hiya! I haven't been blogging, I know, I know! & I need to work on my 20 Before 20 too! (Post here) But it's the usual excuses....4 tests, 2 essays, 2 online quizzes, 1 lab, and a partridge in a pear tree. (hehe)

This has been my typical outfit. I lead two tours a week along with office hours. I also work night in the Alumni Office as a telemarketer (fun.). I don't enjoy working this much, but I need the money. I'm cutting down my schedule next semester and going to reduce my hours. I need to focus on my health!

I have 4-5 posts in draft mode right now so I hope I'll get those to you soon! 

Thanks if you're still reading through this weird blog-patch I'm going through :)

See you later alligator.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Spotify!

I wanted to share with you something super awesome my brother convinced me to join....

It's amazing! It's like iTunes meets Pandora meets Facebook. 

Why I Love This:

- You share your playlists with your friends!
-You can listen to ANY song/artist 
-It's legal
-It's free
-It lets me catch up with artists that people recommend to me
-There are barely any advertisements! (Much much less than Pandora, and none on music you already own)
-You can take songs you don't own, and still make playlists with them!

See? It's amazing. I've added a button to my sidebar so you can add and share playlists with me!

(I don't know if you can put it on your iPod. I haven't tried)

This is what it looks like:

She & Him is amazing. Check them out, along with Spotify! :)