Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Watching (Wednesday)

So I'm going to try to make one of these every Wednesday...but we'll see how that goes.

This week, I've been watching...

I hadn't seen this movie before but I enjoyed it. Wasn't really that funny but the plot was entertaining. Although movies like these really grind my gears when everything goes wrong with the main character. I feel bad for them. Like Meet the Parents, Fockers, etc. Poor Ben Stiller. When will he get a break?

Ah! I loved this one! The murder mystery behind it was good. The killer was a somewhat surprise in the end but it was bloody and entertaining. Although seeing that I'm watching it for the first time in 2011, the scream mask isn't scary at all. I just see an unoriginal halloween costume.

This documentary was very cool! It was about global warming and how the glaciers are melting and scientists are wondering if they've melted before. So teams of researchers are in Antarctica drilling thousands of miles into the ice and below the sea to find sediment deposits from millions of years ago. Its awesome how they find fossilized plants from when the continent was tropical! :) I'm a nerd.

Ended my studying marathon last night with this hilarious George Carlin comedy film. I hadn't actually watched his stand up before, just heard a few jokes/youtube videos. But he was awesome! Can't wait to watch other performances of his.

What have you watched this week? Any recommendations on Netflix?


  1. I've been watching Mad Men! It's on Netflix and I watched the first season and a half in just 3 days... eek!

  2. It's so good! I know!! :D I'm almost done with the first season, too!