Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jars, Mugs, & Cupcakes, Oh my! :)

I have pictures of my other awesome finds now:
A Brand new mason jar! Which I'm using for buttons!

My BEAUTIFUL Mushroom Soup Mug!! Love at first sight!

I love this vegetable soup mug.

Today I also made...
Orang Soda Cupcakes!!

I used this recipe to make these delicious treats!
Although, I clearly tweaked it a bit (they were supposed to be in ice cream cones)

Heres a "fresh out-of-the-oven" photo :)

The kitchen smelled absolutely heavenly.

All packaged up & ready to go to the animal shelter to feed all my working buddies!

Delicious!! Not an extremely strong orange flavor. Just right! Very easy to make. Literally put everything in a bowl & mix then pour. The only negative is that the recipe called for 'orange hard candies' which, (in stop & shop) were very scarce. So I bought 3 bags of Life Savers & picked out the orange ones. (I was, however, disappointed to find only one in one of the bags) But I managed & will probably make these again after I test out some other recipes!
All my family had to say was "Mmmmmmm" :)

& I'm typing this post from my MAC!! :) I'm still busy transferring all 6,000 songs over but I will definitely post pictures of it tomorrow!
Adios Amigos!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Success on multiple levels!
First, I have succeeded in making an adorable cookie keychain:

(Close-Up on my best Blanket Stitch yet!)

& Second, I had success thrifting today at the Salvation Army! :)

I got these adorable-retro silverware for $1.50! (Still in package!)

& I got this awesome Norman Rockwell glass (I love his work!)
Its a little scratched up, but that doesn't bother me :)

(Also, don't mind the naked nails, I usually have on some awesome funky nail polish, but I was at work today :( where its a no no.)

I also got super soup mugs and a mason jar, but they are currently soaking in baking soda because they smelled like butt. So I will post those picture tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, my new MAC comes in tomorrow! I'm super excited since this computer is falling apart (keyboard & mouse pad don't work) & I needed a new one for school! & it comes with a free iPod Touch :) (My first touch electronic!) So, of course I'll have to post pictures of that tomorrow as well.

& I also found a recipe for Orange Soda Flavored Cupcakes. I thought I'd give them a shot. I'll let you know how they came out.

That's it for now! More tomorrow!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010


Deciding to start a blog today! :) I've been working on some crafts this weekend and found some cute things that I thought I should share with you!
I made my first felted keychains! They are not perfect in any way. I need to do something different with the eyes, maybe buttons, and I might use my scrap felt to practice my blanket stitch. Maybe one day, when they are perfect, they will be sellable, but for now, not so much.
This one was supposed to be an apple. But with the stitching & stuffing, the shape ended up pretty bad.

& Today I also found some super cute earrings on Etsy. There were only one set left and the seller, Apple Noggin was closing the business so I got lucky! They are so cute, they remind me of the Corpse Bride.

Well I'm going to get going on making my lunch! More tomorrow! :)