Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter 7-2 Review

4.8/5 Stars!

So, I am embarrassed to say that I've read the series countless times and it took me until Saturday afternoon to see the movie. I was working and couldn't see any other show time. But it was SO worth the wait.

(**Note: If you're lame and haven't read the books, this review does contain spoilers of the new movie**)

I had high expectations of the new movie. Which had been filled to perfection. I began crying about 30 minutes into it and it didn't stop until Voldy died. My requirements/expectations were:
1. Snape's memory had to be perfect
2. Along with his death
3. The "dream-sequence" with Dumbledore had to be in there and extraordinary.
4. Molly Weasley had to say "Not my daughter you bitch"
5. They had to include 19 years later (which I already knew they would because I read/saw all the interviews prior to the film)

The movie met all of these and more. Everything was perfect. So why not 5 stars? Well there were a few small minor things that made me squirm.
1. I feel the deaths were not appreciated. They just showed the bodies, whereas when Dobby died, they gave him a whole service. I know they didn't have time for that or anything but it still would have been nice for them to like put their wands up for the deceased or something memorable like that.
2. There were a few awkward parts like how they threw in the HP humor we were used to in unexpected moments that could have been better. & then there was when Voldemort hugged Draco.
I truly hope that was for comedic purposes for the awkwardness. Because everyone laughed.

But seriously those complaints are so miniscule. I still thought the movie was superbly done. & my FAVORITE thing they added in that wasn't in the book, 
When Snape finds Lily dead.
I bawled.
That was an amazing addition that felt like it truly happened in the course of events and J.K just didn't mention it. Amazing.

Anyways, I am going to see this probably 4 more times before it leaves theaters.


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  2. I clicked the wrong thing, this is Jackie's comment not Sarah's.

  3. I said that I would like to see the movie again in theaters as it was so wonderful - I like your blog page - pretty cool - you will have to show me how to do this - I think I should be the crazy quilter or knitter.

  4. hahahahaa yes most definitely mom! :) i will show you how!

  5. I saw it twice in theaters over the weekend :)