Thursday, July 14, 2011

What I Learned My Freshman Year

-Rain/Snow boots are necessary.
-It’s okay (& accepted) to not go out and get drunk every Thursday night
-Take Vitamin C (especially when you start to eat Dining Hall food)
-Go to class! No one ever skips “just this once”.
-Earplugs would have been nice to buy.
-Stock up on snacks. Can you say BJs?
-You make the best friends of your life.
-The RAs are awesome!
-ONLY BRING WHAT YOU NEED! (Or you will be either out of space, or lugging trash bags of useless stuff home every weekend. I did both)
-Not just dummies use the tutor center
-Arrive 45minutes ahead of time to Bingo
-The Freshman 15 is very real.
-Buy disposable plates & cups. You won’t want to do dishes. Especially in a bathroom sink.
-Netflix is amazing.
-Board games are great time killers.
-There really isn’t much to do on the weekends. Yes they lied.
-Make sure you have first aid! Advil, band-aids, Neosporin, Benadryl, cold meds, etc. All very valuable in college.
-Try out different clubs and activities; you don’t know you won’t like it until you give it a chance!
-Getting an on-campus job opens up so many opportunities!
-Procrastination is an art
-You get along with your family so much better now that you don’t live there.
-Stumbleupon (as beautiful & amazing as it is) is your mortal enemy.
-Don’t buy a lanyard. You most likely won’t use it and will get something more practical.
-DON’T go home every weekend. Especially in the beginning of the year. The people that did, still do now.
-I learned educational stuff in all of my classes too :) That IS what I'm paying for after all!

This year was amazing & I can't believe it's already over! Next year will be even better! :D
Have any questions for me about college life? : )

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  1. -Go to class! No one ever skips “just this once”.
    -Earplugs would have been nice to buy.

    Yes, except the 2nd one is for shows for me. I literally dropped my Spanish night class and took up french online instead because I KNEW that I would skip Spanish every chance I got. So I guess I learned, too!! haha