Friday, July 22, 2011

Recipe: Vegan Chick'un Wrap :)

My friend Laura told me about this delicious & quick wrap to make & I thought I'd share with you guys! :)

This is all I used!:
Laura told me onions and peppers would be good in it too but I didn't think my stomach felt up to any "zing" today. But if you want to try this, let me know how it tastes with those additions!

Close up of the ingredients:

  • Joseph's Lavash Bread (It's SO good, only 50 calories for HALF that sheet and the package is right, super soft)
  • Joseph's Garlic & Chives Hummus
  • Gardein Crispy Tenders 
  • Romain Lettuce
So here's what I did:

First I cooked the Chick'un.....

For these 3 small pieces, it was 20 minutes.....

at 430 Degrees.....

When it was already 92 degrees & probably hotter in this townhouse.

Anyways, I was a hot mess (I have a picture of that too, but I'll spare you the nausea.)

When the chik'un was done I sliced it up

& then I spread the hummus, lettuce and chick'un onto the wrap.....
& It was deeeeeelicious! :)

To top it off (and beat the heat!):

Om nom nom. 
Oh & when I was taking my cookie sheet down, I also knocked a glass bottle of hot sauce down...

& Now the kitchen has a lovely aroma and I had to clean it all up. Including all the glass shards. :( Not fun.

I think I talked more about the heat than the food. Oh well. :)

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  1. gardein is soooooo good!! looks yummy with hummus. idk if we have jason's brand down here, i'll have to look again

  2. Yea! I'm so glad you liked it!!! The Gardein brand is what makes it SO easy to have kept to my vegan diet for 3+ years. I've even fooled Joe a few times and he thought he was eating beef/chix/port :)

  3. Yeah I didn't notice a difference at all! I will definitely make this again! woo :)