Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Seven....or SUPER SUNDAY!

Yes. I have way more than seven things I want to show you and therefore, I've changed it to Super Sunday instead. :D
So let's begin:
How cool are these map coasters? I SO want to make them!! 

These Watermelon cookies look simply delicious and beautiful. I will most definitely bake these and let you guys know how they are! Or you bake them & tell me. The recipe can be found here.
HOW AWESOME IS THIS SCARF?? i LOVE secret pockets and sleeves and such and this is PERFECT! I want to make this sooo badly.
A basket made out of...maps? YES! This might be my second 'map' thing but I don't care I love this! I've never weaved before but I'll give it a shot :)
& HOW cute is this? I came across this picture of someone who made spaghetti for his mouse! awhhh :D

I've always dreamed of having a treehouse. But this? This is amazing! :)

Now here are some LINKS I wanted to share with you! <3

1. Cats in books. Adorable :)
2.  This photographer take INCREDIBLE photos up close to wild animals. Amazing!
3. I've always supported Pit Bulls and said what a misunderstood breed they are. Will this story change anyone's negative thoughts about them?
4. CHRISTMAS WITH KITTIES!! I wonder if this is how Weaver will be this year. This will be her 1st Christmas with us!
5. Cupcakes! For every letter of the alphabet! :)
6. Hmm this makes me doubt my kitties....
7. DON'T click this. You will explode from cuteness. :D

Enjoy your weekend!
<3 Sarah