Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Love...

I had stumbled upon this website COUNTLESS times but the fun starts when you actually make an account!

Heres how it works:
After you make an account (through an "invitation") you just start pinning!

Think of pinning as a literal inspiration bulletin board. But with endless space!

You add a little Pin button to your bookmarks bar on your browser and everytime you see something you like, just click pin, then the picture you want to add.

Soon your board will flourish. (Like this one of mine!)

When you follow someone, you get to share your "bulletin boards" with your friends and they can repin something onto their board too!

What's also super cool about Pinterest is that no matter how many times something has been pinned, the original website is attached to the image, so the photographer ALWAYS gets credit. 

I'm planning on making wishlist boards too.

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest and I'll do the same!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Review- The Hunger Games

So I'm not sure if you've noticed my reading list on the right side bar, but I've been flying through The Hunger Games series and I just wanted to give all of you a recommendation for this AWESOME book series.

5/5 Stars:

                  The story is set in the future, after the destruction of the US (it doesn't really specify how). But the new country of Panem is under a dictatorship-like control from the current government "The Capitol". To show their power over the districts they've divided the country up into, they host The Hunger Games every year. The "reaping" is when the names are drawn as to who will participate in the games. They pick a girl and a boy from each district (ages 12-17) and they all fight to the death in an arena built by the government. The last one standing wins. The book series follows a girl, Katniss Everdeen as she has to face the Hunger Games, and the Capitol.

It's difficult to explain the book without giving away spoilers. The first chapter or two of the first book (pictured above) is a little slow, but plug through it! You won't be disappointed!! 

I read the first two books in less than two days.
I'm currently reading the third (and last) book of the series. It's so good!

I seriously recommend this book series! Even though its about fighting to the death, it's not gruesome, I promise, so if you are weak stomached, you can handle it.

If you're reading it or you've read it, let me know what you think!!

By the way, there's a movie that comes out about it next year, so excited!

 : ) 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Super Sunday!

This Sunday, I want to share with you funny videos I've stumbled upon in the past week : )

So I love old people & this guy is doing this at 102? (i think that's what it said!) It peaked my interest!


"Talking" Dog Tease. I love this, I want to watch all the videos on their channel!

Even though I work at an animal shelter, I kind of despise like those commercials with Sarah McLaughlin. They make it seem like you need to donate money because shelters are awful. I like this one (even though those cats are CGIs) because it tells people, "hey, you should adopt!" : )

I WANT THIS CAT!!!!! He's awesome.

I found this guys reaction to fireworks, very funny. I see a web redemption in his future! : ) 
Next time, buy real fireworks!

-This illustrator perfects this cartoon kitty!
-I just want to say that THIS is how I'm going to furnish my future house, go and buy old ugly dressers at thrift store for like $40, & sand & paint them gorgeous bright colors : D
-I want to make these! We have some of these old cans at home! This will definitely be done! : D
-I think these cookies would be perfect for a Christmas-in-July Party! I would love to host one!
-This green smoothie looks so yummy & will help me get healthier and eat more product & less processed foods!
-This is cool. 20 "famous last words" : )

Sorry this is short! I have to get to work in 15 minutes and just threw this together : )

Friday, July 22, 2011

Recipe: Vegan Chick'un Wrap :)

My friend Laura told me about this delicious & quick wrap to make & I thought I'd share with you guys! :)

This is all I used!:
Laura told me onions and peppers would be good in it too but I didn't think my stomach felt up to any "zing" today. But if you want to try this, let me know how it tastes with those additions!

Close up of the ingredients:

  • Joseph's Lavash Bread (It's SO good, only 50 calories for HALF that sheet and the package is right, super soft)
  • Joseph's Garlic & Chives Hummus
  • Gardein Crispy Tenders 
  • Romain Lettuce
So here's what I did:

First I cooked the Chick'un.....

For these 3 small pieces, it was 20 minutes.....

at 430 Degrees.....

When it was already 92 degrees & probably hotter in this townhouse.

Anyways, I was a hot mess (I have a picture of that too, but I'll spare you the nausea.)

When the chik'un was done I sliced it up

& then I spread the hummus, lettuce and chick'un onto the wrap.....
& It was deeeeeelicious! :)

To top it off (and beat the heat!):

Om nom nom. 
Oh & when I was taking my cookie sheet down, I also knocked a glass bottle of hot sauce down...

& Now the kitchen has a lovely aroma and I had to clean it all up. Including all the glass shards. :( Not fun.

I think I talked more about the heat than the food. Oh well. :)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's In My Bag?

In case you were wondering....
Here's What's In My Bag!

  1. Bag: I got it from Claire's a few years ago. It was a clearance item. I paid $2!
  2. Vapur Water Bottle (It rolls up when empty!)
  3. Planner from Target
  4. Sunglasses from Torrid
  5. Goody Gel Handle Hairbrush
  6. Kindle! : ) 
  7. Cosmetics: -Colossal Mascara -Burt's Bees Chapstick
  8. 80G iPod Video. With my 8,000 songs : )
  9. Cellular Device
  10. Wallet (Student ID, License, Store reward cards, no money, etc.)
  11. Gum
  12. Inhaler!
  13. Pen (Yep That's a pen! My favorite one too!)
So that's what's in my daily bag! Although these are sometimes shoved into my backpack to head to class. Maybe I'll do a backpack one later.... : )
Have you done a post like this? I'd love to see it! : D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

20 Before 20

20 is a pretty big number and I have pretty big expectations for the next year until I celebrate on April 2nd.  Here's what I want to do before I turn the big 2-0. :)

1. Run a 5k 
    I'm slowly taking up running with my busy schedule and I hope I'll be able to run a 5k by then. Note I didn't say IN a 5k, just run one by myself.

2. Lose 30lbs.
    This definitely goes hand in hand with the first one. I've been attempting this life change since the beginning of the summer but it's been hard (duh!) I'm not going to tell you guys excuses but the start of the new year means longer gym hours and longer time I'll be there. I've lost 8lbs so far and I'm looking forward to another 22 by my birfday. I have much more than that to lose but I think it's a good starting point. I might do a vlog here and there to post about my progress.

3. Read 20 Books

      This will be tracked in my side bar which right now just says 'Summer Reading' but will turn into a general reading list. With classes this summer I'm only on my 2nd book but I'm hoping to speed that up. I truly do love to read, it's just finding the time. I'll try to squeeze in just like 2 chapters before bed every night. It will eventually add up. :)

4. Raise my GPA
     Since my birfday is in April, this means I have just this summer and fall to accomplish this. Right now, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I had a rough last semester and ended up with a cumulative of 3.1. It took me off Dean's List. :( Which I know means nothing generally but it still gives me a nice sense of pride. I'm hoping that with my summer and fall classes to get back on the list with a 3.4 :)

5. Donate Blood (Again!)
     I donated blood a few weeks ago for the first time and it went so well. I had a crippling fear of needles/bloodwork and it was a big step for me, maybe I'll make a separate post about my experience. Anyways, I'd love to do it again since it went so well.

6. Buy 1 ModCloth Dress
    I will have to get in shape for this one! Only a select few of their dresses come in plus sizes and none of them are under $50. I drool over those dresses 24/7 anyways, I'd love to be able to buy one and have it fit.

7. Get 100 Followers
     This will definitely be a stretch! But it seems like nothing to the blogs I read with over 3000 followers. :O "Whaaat?" I was excited when I got a 4th one. Hahah

8. Finish Wrecking my Journal

          Santa got me this journal last year and it's not your typical journal! The picture on the left is one of the examples of instructions that are in it. Some are "smear something on this page" "Collect fruit stickers here" "Take this in the shower with you" "Number every page". Each page has something different on it and it is quite extensive. It'd be awesome if I could get it all done by then!

9. Go for a hike
      I'm embarrassed to say I've never really been on a hike. I went a loooong time ago when I was like 8 but don't remember a lot of it. There are a few small trails locally that I want to tour in the fall with my camera. :)

10. Successfully sell something on etsy.
      Right now I currently have a shop on etsy. But I haven't posted anything. I'm very picky about my crafts and think it's never good enough to sell. So I want to change my thinking and perfect my crafts and hope to sell at least one item.

11. Take A Day Trip to Boston
        I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life and now I'm a block away from a train that goes directly to Boston. Yet I haven't been in years. Only to go to the Museum of Science but I just go straight home. I've never really gotten to know the area. I need to make time (& money) for a spontaneous trip to Boston.

12. Finish my A&P Studying
(Look at that hair, gorgeous)
      I took (or am taking) A&P over the summer. This means cramming an entire year of science learning into a month. To be quite honest, I don't know what I should by now. Not that I haven't been learning in class, I have been. But every day, he lectures on 3 chapters and I just don't remember it all because each day is a new subject, so theres no discussion. So I've started with the beginning of the book and I'm reteaching myself. Most people will be like "You're crazy, why would you do that?" Well most people, this is going to be my career. I NEED to know this stuff. I enjoy learning about it and this extra effort will assist me in my future medical classes as well. So I've been going chapter by chapter, highlighting, answering review questions, doing practice tests, etc. I'm only on Chapter 3 so far. I want to finish the book by then. 

13. Take a trip (out of New England!)
        I want to travel and SEE what's out there! Nearly all of our family vacations have been in NH, MA, ME, & VT. I want to get out there and see other states, and learn about other "cultures". Does that make sense? I mean yes, all our cultures are "American" but accents, foods, slang, and habits change wherever you go in the USA. Did you know in Massachusetts we have Coffee Milk? or how milkshakes here are called "Frappes"? :)

14. Become a vegetarian!
        I currently only eat white meat occasionally (except for my turkey bacon!) but I want to eat healthier and there are so many by products and antibiotics in meat now, I want to make the better choice and incorporate more organics in my diet. That might be difficult on a Dining Hall diet but I'll make it work :)

15. Finish a knitting/crochet project
      I always start them and never end up finishing! I'll definitely post about them when I do!

16. Build a snowman
       Here in Fitchburg we get a LOT of snow. So many classes were cancelled this year and I never played in the snow :( My excuse with my friends was that I didn't have a snow suit and I didn't want to get wet. I was a debbie downer. I'm going to get some gear and make snow-angels, build  snow men, and have snowball fights. :)

17. Reread Harry Potter series
       I do this every year. I will do it again :)

18. Drink only water for one month

       I drink a TON of water anyways but I would love to do an experiment to see how much even just one soda affects your body and track how I feel after "purifying". The hardest part of this will be my coffee. I love coffee and drink it every morning. Maybe I'll do this when I run out. You know, don't want to be wasteful :)

19. Get a perm
     I LOVE curly hair and I want to wait until my hair gets very long and get a loose curl perm :)

20. Take a trip to NYC around Christmastime.
      I've always wanted to window shop and ice skate there in December :) & I am so ready for winter. I've been listening to Pandora's christmas radio. Sad huh? It's okay I know I'm weird.

If your birfday isn't for a while, make one of these! I'd love to check yours out! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I'm Watching

So one necessity of a college student I've learned about is Netflix. (Which I still love even after the recent price increase because it doesn't affect me). :) So here's what I've been watching & what I've thought:
(Note: ALL these movies are available on the Instant Stream on Netflix, that's all I use)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
My brother recommended this to me a while ago but I just got the chance to watch it yesterday. I was like "oh I'll just watch this while I'm cleaning my room". NOPE. I was so into it. It's mind-blowing. The premise is about an apathetic young man who meet a spontaneous girl and then their memories are meddled with in a way I won't say due to spoiling and they have to fight to remember each other. It is a touching, psychotic, mind-blowing, amazing movie and I recommend it to everyone. Seriously.

National Geographic: Moment of Death
This is a short (1 hour) documentary studying the human body and what happens when it shuts down. It talks about how defibrillation works, the controversy of brain death and "pulling the plug", and cell study. I found it very intriguing but then again I AM a science major and love this stuff. The movie isn't for everyone because they do show the start of a bypass heart surgery (which was awesome, I got to see what a human heart looks like pumping) but I do understand this gives people the eebie geebies. So thats a heads up.

The Pixar Story
This was interesting to see how some classic movies like Toy Story, Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, and The Incredibles were made. It follows the Pixar corporation through its growth and discusses the challenges the animators met along the way. It covered their partnership with Disney and the production of all the movies I mentioned. It was interesting but there were a few dull parts (that's when I got some cleaning done in my room) but generally if you're a fan of those movies, you should check it out, it is entertaining! :)

I'll probably do a Netflix post weekly to fill you guys in on what I've been watching. Do any of you use Netflix? I'd love to hear what you think! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Super Sunday!

Yes, I guess this is Super Monday in a way, but I was working all day yesterday and didn't have a chance to compile this list!

This wallet is just irresistible. Who doesn't love Disney?

This dress is so cute! I love the small ruffles on the top & of course the color. The mustardy color reminds me of Dwight & his mustard shirts :)

It may seem strange that I have a toilet brush on this "wish-list" but I love regular household items that someone found a way to may unique, and in this case, cute.

Would you judge me if I had this in my college room? If it wasn't for the steep price, it would be in there already.

This is so awesome! I am also happy ecstatic to say that there was a new Target built near us a few years ago and it's like a super-Target and they have an aisle FILLED with 'Fred & Friends' Products. They also had this pillow. I can't wait to go back there.

I'm not sure if I've posted this before. I probably have. But if you've been an internet shopper at all, you have probably seen this beauty. I have well over 50 books in my room and a way to catalog them all would be fabulous.

I love backpacks, knapsacks, bags, etc. Everything about them. I also happen to love this one :)

Tutorial!: This will go in my future craft room. There's no doubt about that. :)

  • I've been using this parseltongue translator to have conversations with my brother. It's very creepy but super awesome.
  • I love this video. I think this will be what Weaver looks like when she gets old and fat. She will also let us do this to her :)
  • A fabulous story about why children should be seen AND heard :)
  • Recipe: Butterbeer! (I have Harry Potter fever if you couldn't tell)
Have a fantabulous day :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter 7-2 Review

4.8/5 Stars!

So, I am embarrassed to say that I've read the series countless times and it took me until Saturday afternoon to see the movie. I was working and couldn't see any other show time. But it was SO worth the wait.

(**Note: If you're lame and haven't read the books, this review does contain spoilers of the new movie**)

I had high expectations of the new movie. Which had been filled to perfection. I began crying about 30 minutes into it and it didn't stop until Voldy died. My requirements/expectations were:
1. Snape's memory had to be perfect
2. Along with his death
3. The "dream-sequence" with Dumbledore had to be in there and extraordinary.
4. Molly Weasley had to say "Not my daughter you bitch"
5. They had to include 19 years later (which I already knew they would because I read/saw all the interviews prior to the film)

The movie met all of these and more. Everything was perfect. So why not 5 stars? Well there were a few small minor things that made me squirm.
1. I feel the deaths were not appreciated. They just showed the bodies, whereas when Dobby died, they gave him a whole service. I know they didn't have time for that or anything but it still would have been nice for them to like put their wands up for the deceased or something memorable like that.
2. There were a few awkward parts like how they threw in the HP humor we were used to in unexpected moments that could have been better. & then there was when Voldemort hugged Draco.
I truly hope that was for comedic purposes for the awkwardness. Because everyone laughed.

But seriously those complaints are so miniscule. I still thought the movie was superbly done. & my FAVORITE thing they added in that wasn't in the book, 
When Snape finds Lily dead.
I bawled.
That was an amazing addition that felt like it truly happened in the course of events and J.K just didn't mention it. Amazing.

Anyways, I am going to see this probably 4 more times before it leaves theaters.

Friday, July 15, 2011

For the Sake of Science....

So, over the summer I am taking Anatomy & Physiology I & II, I was prepared to put my feelings aside and have to dissect things but....not a cat. :(

In the first course, we dissected a rat which I was happy went a little better than I thought. I have NO problem at all seeing the guts and such but the dead animal does bother me. I really do ask my lab partner if we can put something over it's face.

But I'm in the second course now, and we've been learning off of a cat all week and I must say, its been difficult. I was expecting to cry, vomit, or faint and I hoped I wouldn't get a cat that looked like Weaver. Thankfully, it went swimmingly! Yes, I was a little upset when I first saw a dead cat (obviously) but with my experience at the shelter of the euthanasias and such, I guess my emotions were prepared.

After the initial shock and hanging at the back of the room until the insides were revealed (cutting is the hardest part) I actually learned a lot. We studied the heart, arterial system, veins, digestive track, respiratory, and reproductive. We are being quizzed on it on Monday & our group definitely did the best job. The worst part of the whole experience, is probably the smell.

This is an experience I will never forget. In a few different ways. Many people I tell this to will say "Well you don't have to do it, right? The school can't force you to do this!" But this is vital to my education and an excellent learning experience & I know that what I learned in the lab all this week will make me even better in my work with animals at the shelter. I will be able to detect if they're sick faster and maybe even know why, now that I know how a cat works. Inside & out. :)
I'm going home today and when I get home, I'm going to do my usual hugs & kisses to Weaver but this time they will mean so much more. 

The moral of the story is...

Get out of your comfort zone!

You will accomplish so much more in life if you try new things and take everything you can from them. I don't mean go out & dissect a cat. I mean...

1. Try a foreign food! As long as it doesn't have something you're allergic too, you have no idea how it will taste!
2. Take up running. Which is normally out of everyone's comfort zone (& was out of mine up until a few weeks ago!)
3. FACE YOUR FEARS (unless your fear is a grizzly bear or something that could seriously kill you.)
I recently overcame a HUGE fear in my life that I will probably save for another text-only post that no one will read. :)

Have a fabulous day & go learn something new!

**Sorry this post has no pictures, I figured you'd want to be spared of them!**

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What I Learned My Freshman Year

-Rain/Snow boots are necessary.
-It’s okay (& accepted) to not go out and get drunk every Thursday night
-Take Vitamin C (especially when you start to eat Dining Hall food)
-Go to class! No one ever skips “just this once”.
-Earplugs would have been nice to buy.
-Stock up on snacks. Can you say BJs?
-You make the best friends of your life.
-The RAs are awesome!
-ONLY BRING WHAT YOU NEED! (Or you will be either out of space, or lugging trash bags of useless stuff home every weekend. I did both)
-Not just dummies use the tutor center
-Arrive 45minutes ahead of time to Bingo
-The Freshman 15 is very real.
-Buy disposable plates & cups. You won’t want to do dishes. Especially in a bathroom sink.
-Netflix is amazing.
-Board games are great time killers.
-There really isn’t much to do on the weekends. Yes they lied.
-Make sure you have first aid! Advil, band-aids, Neosporin, Benadryl, cold meds, etc. All very valuable in college.
-Try out different clubs and activities; you don’t know you won’t like it until you give it a chance!
-Getting an on-campus job opens up so many opportunities!
-Procrastination is an art
-You get along with your family so much better now that you don’t live there.
-Stumbleupon (as beautiful & amazing as it is) is your mortal enemy.
-Don’t buy a lanyard. You most likely won’t use it and will get something more practical.
-DON’T go home every weekend. Especially in the beginning of the year. The people that did, still do now.
-I learned educational stuff in all of my classes too :) That IS what I'm paying for after all!

This year was amazing & I can't believe it's already over! Next year will be even better! :D
Have any questions for me about college life? : )

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Collections - Nail Polish

I was definitely inspired by Kaylah's blog with this post as she does occasionally post about her collections and I thought I'd share with you one of mine....nail polish! (Does that count?....yes!)

So the top of this post is a picture of my entire nail polish family :) Here are a few close ups:

This is a brand from 5below that for the price, is actually very good! Takes a few coats but the glitter is awesome, only one coat and I love the texture. :)


So this is my All-Time Favorite brand of Nail Polish. Why?
1. The brush is a rounded shape, and big so it's super easy to apply!
2. It really does dry super duper fast!
3. The colors are adorable.

The lighter colors do take at least 2 coats. This polish also doesn't last very long, it does chip within a few days but that doesn't bother me as I paint my nails every day. If you want long lasting nail polish, I recommend Sally Hansen "Hard as Nails" Xtreme Wear. I have it in orange and light green. It seriously lasts for weeks. (Although I usually end up scratching it all off by day 3 because I hate my nails looking the same)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shopping Finds!

Oh, look! I'm doing another random post because I realized I did something interesting! Haha. I've been super busy with my summer classes (I'm taking Anatomy Mon-Fri 8am-2pm). So it's pretty much taking up all my time. BUT I did have a chance to go shopping. Here is my adventure:

So, I've always had a hard time fitting into heels because I have wide feet so when I found these Paris Hilton shoes & they fit perfectly, I NEEDED to have them.....except they were $85 at the mall. :(
(found here)
BUT my friend told me, she bought the same shoes at Marshalls. For $30. So where do you think I went next? :) (Also, on my way to Marshalls I made myself a deal that if I didn't spend money at Marshalls, I will go thrifting)

Unfortunately they didn't have those shoes but I did find these: *angels sing*

As you can see from this crappy photo I took with my cell phone, they were only $20! The problem? They didn't have my size. I'm usually a 7-7 1/2 and so I tried on an 8 but the shoe was definitely too long. But it was PERFECT everywhere else. :(
(& If you're thinking these heels are too high, I'm only 5'1 so I need the extra 3 inches!)

This wasn't so bad, because if you read above, this means that I can go to Salvation Army. Which I did.
I spend $5 & I got....

This mug! For 49 cents. The bottom says its an Avon Valentines Day Mug from 1983. I think it was in a set because the bottom fits to sit on top of other mugs. I thought it was cute & tacky and I love mugs. 

I got another mug :) This one is probably my 2nd favorite after my retro soup mug. I love the colors & its just so fun! I LOVED the Berestain Bears as a child (I might still own the tapes and watch them occasionally) and this mug which was also 49cents, which means I had to have it. (& you might notice my background on my MacBookPro is 500 Days of Summer, one of my all-time favorite movies. I seriously LOVE Zooey Deschanel.)

& FINALLY I found this Acorn ceramic container. It was brand new & $4. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be a cookie jar but right now, it holds all my medicines. Which works for me! :) It's so cute, a definitely awesome find.

So thanks for reading this long post. I'm going to go to the Marshalls back home (I'm at school right now) to see if they have the shoes. I'll definitely post if there's a success! Maybe I'll even bake tomorrow after studying and post my amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe :)