Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jars, Mugs, & Cupcakes, Oh my! :)

I have pictures of my other awesome finds now:
A Brand new mason jar! Which I'm using for buttons!

My BEAUTIFUL Mushroom Soup Mug!! Love at first sight!

I love this vegetable soup mug.

Today I also made...
Orang Soda Cupcakes!!

I used this recipe to make these delicious treats!
Although, I clearly tweaked it a bit (they were supposed to be in ice cream cones)

Heres a "fresh out-of-the-oven" photo :)

The kitchen smelled absolutely heavenly.

All packaged up & ready to go to the animal shelter to feed all my working buddies!

Delicious!! Not an extremely strong orange flavor. Just right! Very easy to make. Literally put everything in a bowl & mix then pour. The only negative is that the recipe called for 'orange hard candies' which, (in stop & shop) were very scarce. So I bought 3 bags of Life Savers & picked out the orange ones. (I was, however, disappointed to find only one in one of the bags) But I managed & will probably make these again after I test out some other recipes!
All my family had to say was "Mmmmmmm" :)

& I'm typing this post from my MAC!! :) I'm still busy transferring all 6,000 songs over but I will definitely post pictures of it tomorrow!
Adios Amigos!


  1. I have been looking for a soup mug! Yours are so rad!! wish I lived in a better thrifting area :-P

  2. i love them! I also have a retro Campbells soup mug, with 50s cartoon children on them, same store, too! The next success, I'll send some down to you :)