Monday, October 24, 2011

Xbox! & Game Review!

I am so psyched to share with you that I got some of my hard earned money together and got.....

An XBOX 360! :)

I got a spankin' deal on it, too. I bought it from a friend for $130. So far, I LOVE it! Although this week, I haven't had much time to play it at all! (Talk about roommate drama time a bazillion)

One game I did play however, that actually came with the XBOX was....


So here's my review of the game:

I'll give the game a solid 7/10
The story follows a girl (or boy if you select it) who is a born "hero" and needs to kill this guy who wants her dead and tried to kill her before. Honestly, that's as descriptive as I get. (Hence why one con listed below, is cutscenes)

-It was fun!
-I loved the different worlds
-Awesome controls for fighting
-Game has mini quests! :)
-Controls are easy to maneuver
-You get a doggy
-Lots of achievements to discover!
-Puzzles hidden in the game

-Cutscenes were vague, long, and quiet boring. & With no subtitles, on an old TV, I can't really hear them sometimes! Meh.
-Your character is super ugly. (It's a con in my book! Why do you think Lara Croft is popular?)
-Sometimes, the in game controls are sloppy. Like in other games, if you walk into a villager, they usually move or you go through them. In Fable II, you CAN'T! So especially in an alley, when a group was walking by, and I had to wait at the end for them to go by. It's slightly annoying.
-Storyline is ehh.
-After the game ends..THATS IT! You can't play anymore! So if I want to go back and finish quests, I have to load the saved game prior to the final boss battle.
-I beat it in a few days :( Definitely NOT 100 hours to beat it (unless you count all the achievements)

So it seems like I hated the game, but I really didn't! I had fun and I recommend you try it if you have an XBOX! Add me on LIVE, too!   Gamertag: sarahmcrosby484

Happy Gaming :)


  1. "You get a doggy" that was my favorite part of the description :)

  2. Damn for 130??? What a steal! I usually just use mine for Netflix