Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation & Blog Contest!

Shelburne Museum was AMAZING. I took so many beautiful photographs & only wish I could have stayed longer, but I was holding up the rest of my family by stopping to photograph everything :)
Although I took hundreds of photos, it would be insane to show them ALL to you, so here are my select favorites:
The BEAUTIFUL Shelburne Museum :)

This lighthouse is also a museum as well as every building on the property.

One of the museums had old-barber shop exhibit. Sweeney Todd would've gone nuts!

The Dutten House (according to GhostHunters) is supposedly haunted....

...Yet the only thing I found was this drool-worthy dining room!

I took this to show not only the gorgeous paint colors, but the hanging golden tooth in the next gallery. :)

They had a pond! (That I took tons of photos of)

A Beautiful Boat! It felt like we were on the Titanic...before it sank, of course.

Look at the inside!! Marvelous! :) & VERY similar to the Titanic right?

The 50s HOUSE!
This whole house is decorated & furnished just like a home straight from...you guessed it...the 50s!
The best part is, its not a museum! You can sit on the couch, look through the drawers in the kids room, search the kitchen cabinets, literally every drawer & closet is filled like it was a lived in 50s home!
This is a dreamy kitchen, is it not? :)

They had a sewing room! With an authentic 50s Singer Sewing Machine!

How adorable is this? They even stocked the fridge with vintage bottles! :)

*Whew* That was quite a lot of photos! 

We also visited the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. Sooo much fun! Highly recommend if you visit VT, to go! 

SO about this contest...

The Dainty Squid is having an AMAZING contest where you could win something from Ark's Endeavors. (They sell awesome jewelry & plugs on etsy!) All you have to do, is tell Kaylah what your favorite item for sale is, and *ding* you're entered! 
Good Luck!

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