Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation! :)

I now have TWO followers! Woooo! :)
Quick Update: I'm currently in the beautiful mountains of Vermont & anxiously waiting for the start of the new school year. I've got some free time, so here's a nice photo-dump of some pictures I've taken while in Vermont the past 2 days.

The condo had a Mr. Potato Head Memory Game! :O  Amazing.
(There was even a little 'Beatle' Potato with a bowl hair cut & guitar)
Ben & Jerry's has the same motto I do :)

I LOVE the Five & Dime Stores around here! 
Aren't these the most adorable dog treats? I'd get them...if I had a dog.
A hot air balloon, seen from the view on our balcony! :)

Cabot Cheese Factory! :)
That's it for today, tomorrow we're heading over to Shelburne Museum, the perfect place for aspiring photographers :) 
& I'm getting (another) new cell phone. I had gotten the Samsung Intensity II on Friday, & it already broke yesterday. (Not my fault!) It won't power on properly, so Verizon is giving me a new phone. *Whew* 
More pictures tomorrow! 

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