Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bucket List

Hi! One thing I love doing is organizing and adding goals to my Bucket List. I would LOVE to share my list with you and update my readers on my progress. Because I have well over 1,500 goals on it, I am going to do it in segments. Each Saturday, I will show you 5 Goals I have and then 1 I have already accomplished. Contribute by commenting with your goals! Enjoy!

1) Graduate College
Currently in the process of completing! I'm an Exercise and Sport Science major with a minor in Biology. After graduating from Fitchburg State, my goal is to continue onto Grad School to become a PA (Physician Assistant)

2) See a blue whale
I live right next to "Whaling City" and I have yet to see a whale! Maybe if I take a whale watch in the right location, I can fulfill this!

3) Have a baby
Obviously NO time soon, haha but definitely in the future! I would love a girl. I love the names Olivia, Madeline, Violet, Alice, Sophia, Emma, and Lily.

4) Be a homeowner
I'm hoping that by saving some money, I will be abe to do this after Grad School. Even just a small townhouse, I can't wait for my own place!

5) Own every color of OPI Nail Polish
Even though there are like 300 some odd colors, I'd love to, way in the future, own them all. The quality of this nail polish is awesome and I love them!


1) Build something at Build-a-Bear
I made Charlie, a panda bear, at Build a Bear about two years ago. I freaking love that store! Definitely going back :)

NOTE :: All the photos I include in my Bucket List posts are generally from this blog and this one, unless otherwise noted.

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