Thursday, April 26, 2012

21 Before 21

So I didn't get everything done I wanted to before I was 20, but this is a new year! I'm on my way to my 21st Birthday!! Wow! Hah. Here is a list of things I want to do, before I turn 21!

1. Get A Perm :: Yes, this was on my last list. But my hair never got long enough for me to get one (since I want long curly/wavy hair. So I'm planning on not cutting my hair until May/June and saving for a perm then.

2. Finish the Warrior Dash :: Oh Yeah baby! This, I will do!

3. Get down to my ideal weight! :: This is a big goal but I know by training daily and continuing a completely healthy diet, I can do it. My goal is around 120lbs. (That would be a healthy weight for my height 125, is even considered overweight!) I CAN do this!

4. Save money for an investment account :: I want to save up about $1000 ish to put in a CD for a future place either for rent or a mortgage. Either way, its good to have that money aside and earning interest. I would love to have enough for a down payment by the time I finish Grad School.

5. Get my CNA certification :: I need this to get a job as a CNA which I need to gain healthcare experience to get into Grad School! *whew* So I'm hoping to get that certification in the next year, maybe even a small part time job as one in the summer.

6. Run IN a 5K :: Last year I just wanted to run and not compete. I never thought last year I would be where I am today. I never thought I would be able to run and I am so psyched to be able to compete and I will complete a 5K! (Maybe a 10K next year!)

7. Raise my GPA to 3.1+ :: This will be tricky as last semester, I did, well, pretty much horribly. Since then I've taken a lot off my plate and next year will be much easier for me.

8. Keep up with Blogging :: I'd like to think that since January/February I've been getting better and I'd love to get more followers, and have avid readers! I get excited when I just see one comment, I'd love to know people actually read my blog!

9. Get my nose pierced :: I've always wanted a little ring in it!

10. Visit Boston :: It really is sad that I live 40 minutes away yet haven't been there in years. I should plan a trip to go with some friends.

11. Read 10 Books :: I know it doesn't sound like much, but when you're a full-time science student while being an RA & babysitting, I don't have much time left to read. I think 10 books is a reasonable number since I clearly didn't make the 20 Book goal last year.

12. Go to Six Flags :: I've never been! I'm hoping to go this summer!

13. Post one item on Etsy :: Again, this was on here last year. But I haven't figured out the whole finance thing. PayPal, shipping costs, etc. It all confuses me. I have stuff to sell but honestly don't know where to start! Maybe theres a book on it somewhere...

14. Donate my hair :: Right now my hair is getting SO long (bottom of my chest length) and my plan is to not cut it until September, that way I go back to school healthier, and with a new haircut!

15. Bake goodies for Christmas :: This past Christmas I spent waaaay too much money on presents for everyone I knew and I didn't really have the money so yeah, this year I'm planning to just go home a weekend, make a shit ton of peppermint bark or cookies or something. Then just package them up in pretty boxes. There we go, cheap, quick, and people will love them :)

16. Fill my entire Crayon bank up with coins :: Self-explanatory. I have a three foot tall Crayon bank that I put coins and sometimes extra money I have in. When (and only when) its filled to the tippity top, will it cash it in. (It would have to be like $500 at least, seriously)

17. Buy a pair of moccasins :: They look so comfy! I dont have any :( I've been eyeing the nice super soft ones from LLBean. I think they're "Wicked Soft"...yeah I want those :)

18. Make a pizza (& dough) from scratch :: I'll be living in an apartment again this summer with a kitchen, I can't wait to be cooking again :)

19. Read 20 Books :: This is my GoodReads goal for the year, so far I'm 7 in. I can totally do this!

20. Go for a bike ride with my best friend :: My best friend April just had brain surgery and is just starting to learn to walk again on her own. Being able to go for a bike ride with her like old times within a year would be amazing...and definitely attainable <3

21. Organize, Organize, Organize :: I've already gone through all my stuff in my dorm room and thrown out SO much clutter. Now I need to do the rest at home. I don't think I'll consider myself a "minimilist" but definitely decluttered :)

This list is definitely attainable and I will try to follow up with what I've accomplished. Also, this is super late seeing my birthday was 24 days ago. Oh well.


  1. You listed two different numbers for books to read lol... I hope you reach all of your goals this year (especially #20!) but maybe I can help you with #4...

    I use an online savings account called and it is SUPER easy and free. All it takes is a checking account to draw from, $25 to open the account, and $10/month (all money gets put INTO your account and is NOT a fee). Plus there are apps that you can put on an iPhone/Android smart phone that allow you to track your savings and add money in between the monthly funding. Pretty good interest rates considering it is FREE!!! If you want to check it out, send me your email address and I'll send you a referral (I get $10 for everyone I refer, and you could, too!) Let me know :)

    1. Yikes I obviously didn't proofread this first! SmartyPig sounds interesting. My main issue here is that I don't have much money currently. Maybe once I get a steady job in September I'll look into that & I'll definitely be your referral :) I'll let you know. Thanks Julie!