Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's Up

Hello few followers!

So a lot has been going on and I really haven't had much time to blog but I'm hoping once this semester end in a few weeks, I'll have some free time to edit the drafts I've made and post them. Anyways, I've been spending a lot of time in the hospital with my best friend April because she had brain surgery on January 12th. She has been in the hospital since then and she is slowly learning how to walk and talk again. She is doing fabulously (if you want to follow her progress you can like her page) but I've been spending mucho time there supporting her. Not to mention I have a RA job at school along with my classes (and a 7pg paper due in a week AHH!). So yeah I've been a wee bit busy.

This summer, I'm living in an on campus apartment again and created an entire meal plan and shopping list already. I'm hoping to post some recipes I cook on here as well as blog in general. I am taking a CNA class (Certified Nurse Aide) course so I can start working as one in the fall. I'm also going to be taking a summer class all summer too. So I hope I have time to blog then, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. :P Waah.

Anyways, yeah that's my life right now. Maybe I'll post a What I'm Watching post later. Oh & I'm running my first 5K on Sunday!! Super stoked.

Ok peace out girl scouts

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