Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goals

My Goals for 2012:

- Exercise 5 days a week :: This past semester I went probably only 3-4 days/week. 
- Complete the Warrior Dash :: Bitchin.
- Brush teeth twice a day :: I forget sometimes and would love even pearlier whites
- Set aside study time for each class :: I need to do better this semester and have more efficient study habits.
- Make healthy eating choices :: Especially in that dining hall!
- Open my etsy shop :: And finally post an item!! I have one ready. I just need to price, photograph, and post.
- Get my CNA license :: I need to get this, to get a CNA job, to get experience, to get into grad school
- Save money and budget better :: I'm broke. I need to start saving to a place to live around the time of grad school when I might not be working. I opened a 2nd savings and I'm going to save in there, then open a 2 year CD.
- Put bulletins up on and on time :: My RA weakness. Bulletin Board. Plan them sooner and put up early/on time!
- Stay on top of laundry :: Try to do it weekly and not let it pile up, Sarah. -__- I tend to do laundry when I'm out of clothes.
- Keep a cleaner room :: Take stuff home, throw stuff out, put things away, and STAY organized. Another weakness of mine :P
- Run a 5K :: Sign up and compete!
- Plan a month of blog posts :: That way if I get busy, I'll still have something. :)
- Read a little every day :: I'm ashamed to say I didn't read at all last semester. I'm currently reading Pride & Prejudice and want to read a little each day to continue my long reading list next semester.

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  1. I love it! I have 12 resolutions for 2012. We have two of the same: 5K and teeth brushing. I hope all goes well!