Sunday, June 5, 2011

Super Sunday!

So I know I haven't posted one of these in quite some time, but I'm going to try to post more since I only have one class this summer. So here are some things I LOVE so far this summer.

This corkscrew! I don't know what I'd use it for though, I don't drink. Sparkling cider? Yeah well, either way, it's awesome.

I know I ALWAYS post at least one dress. But I just LOVE them! This cute bunny dress from ModCloth is just dreamy. Unfortunately I can't fit in any of their clothes, but I'll get there!

Ahhh I need this as my summer bag. SO pretty. 

Kaylah's pouches at her Etsy shop are beautiful! I feel like I've posted this before but her shop has all new stuff, so swing by!

The Dunkin Donuts in Peru were selling these for National Donut Day. They are just too freaking cute.
Don't these look delicious?? They're banana-split bites! I've never had a banana split but I am SO tempted to make these. They look so so so yummy.

On Elsie's blog, she has a tutorial on how to do Maiden Braids! Omigosh aren't they beautiful??

Links I Love:
  • A Beatles-themed Birfday Party!! So cute!
  • Recipe for Fried Ice Cream! (One of my favorite restaurants has it & it's ohmygoshdeeeelicious. I can't wait to try it out!)
  • GoodReads! I just discovered this website (I guess I'm way behind the times) and I am honestly in love. I've always tried to catalog the books I've read/want to read and this is the PERFECT tool. The link to my profile on the website is in my About Me section...add me! I love to read and would love to learn what you're reading too. :)
  • Have you ever thought: "Ah the new Harry Potter movie is coming out, I'd love to reread the whole series before it! But I have no time!" Well I do. Every time a new movie comes out. Yes, I've read the series like 9 times but this website is AWESOME! They summarize every chapter of each book. This is NOT for someone who has never read the books. This is more a quick reminder of the important things that happened and when they happened so the movie/book comparison will be that much easier. Either way, I think it's super clever and helpful. Any other HP fans that agree/disagree?

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  1. I love your blog! So adorable <3

    ... and may I just say that I NEED that dress and those banana split bites?! (minus the cherries)

    P.S- Thanks for the thoughtfulness about the cats, and Shriek and the vet visit :)