Saturday, January 1, 2011

Book Review

For Christmas, I got...

A Kindle!
(Thanks Santa!)

I absolutely love it! I do enjoy holding a book in my hand but the lowered price tag of $139 and the huge free and discounted ebookstore on amazon enticed me into this beauty of a product.
This will give me the chance to read many books that normally I wouldn't pick up. To start off, I decided to read Wish by Alexandra Bullen. It was a limited time deal on amazon for free! I read it in a day & just wanted to do a review it. I might start doing that with other books & movies. 


Wish by Alexandra Bullen
Wish was an entertaining book but nothing more than that. It was about a shy girl (Olivia) who moves to a new town (how original). Her twin sister had just passed and after meeting a magical-seamstress, wishes for her sister back. Her spontaneous sister turns into her life coach and changes her views on life and turns her into a social butterfly. The book was very predictable and obvious but all together, an entertaining book for a rainy day.

(What did you get for Christmas? Did anyone else read this book? If so, what are your thoughts?)

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