Monday, January 31, 2011


Ahhh! I have been so busy since the new semester started. My " blog more" New Years Resolution has definitely been ignored. I need to start crafting too. I made a plushie but he needs a little repair. Then I'm going to start to knit more and learn how to crochet. 

I'm also going to take more picture. I got some help with my camera and was able to adjust my shutter speed and the pictures aren't blurry any more and they're pretty! :)

I took this once I fixed the "inside picture problem". Our Valentine's decorations! :D 
& Look at all the snow! We're supposed to be getting MORE later this week too. We already have like 2 feet. 

I'll try to blog if we get a snow day. I'll finish up my plushie, take picture, and maybe post on etsy!


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