Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super Sunday!

Hello all! I'm going back to school tomorrow so the craft posts should be coming in soon! :D 

My Favorites this week:

This photography website show these Disney's UP inspired engagement photos. Ohmygosh they are amazingly beautiful and looks like so much fun to participate in!!

This is such a pretty way to have an herb garden in a small backyard! I think it looks beautiful on the house!

This print from Threadless is awesome! I love my bike and love the "infinity MPG" idea. :)

These socks are too cute!

This shelf from Urban Outfitter is so beautiful. But I would never pay $180 for it when you can just go thrifting and then paint it. :)

  • For people with a bit of a twisted sense of humor, Anti-Joke is a hilarious website with unusual takes on classic jokes. :)
  • I love reading about animals that adopt other baby animals. It shows how unconditional their love & kindness really is. Like this dog who found puppies and protected them.
  • 50 Pancake & Waffle Recipes. I <3 breakfast. :D
  • Tutorial: Make your own pavement chalk!

Not much this Sunday! I got a full 3 hrs of sleep last night so yes, I'm a little tired and doing this very late. :P



  1. oo,i never heard of powdered paint for the chalk. interesting..

  2. I love that vintage engagement shot. Definitely my style whenever that time comes.
    -Allison Kaye