Sunday, January 2, 2011

Super Sunday!

This week I found:

This t-shirt? Amazing. That just about sums it up.

And speaking of mustaches...

Despite what the "Hollywood style judges" think, I still find him irresistible. 

I think this dress from ModCloth is the perfect winter dress. With some blue tights from We Love Colors, this would be a drool-worthy outfit. I love color and love this room.
It was an entry in a room color contest on Apartment Therapy. & it's called 'Janelle's "Viva La Femme" Room'. It was a finalist. I can see why.

This doormat = awesome.

These salt & pepper shakers are adorable :) Thank you Urban Outfitters!

Stag Toothbrush Holder! At Urban Outfitters again!

Video: Om Nom Kitten :)
Craft: 12 Tin Can Crafts
Tutorial: How to Make Those Awesome Starburst Wrapper Bracelets!!
Kitty Love: here and here
Super cool ways to tie your shoes!
I didn't think to look here for yummy recipes! A chocoholics dream :)


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  1. super cute likes for your super sunday! :) Especially the dress!