Sunday, January 9, 2011

Super Sunday!

eek! So I'm just browsing through my blog feed and then I realize that it's Sunday. " *gasp* its Sunday! I forgot Super Sunday!" I was so busy this past week (as you could probably tell from my lack of existence in the blog world). :P So I quickly whipped up this post. Enjoy!

BakeItPretty has the cutest baking accessories and supplies and I wish I had a kitchen of my own to create masterpieces with their products! :D

This sleepy cloud shirt from sickforcute is so..well..cute!

This is a magnet! Theres different colors and although they might seem tacky, I think they're super cute. My memere actually has some very similar to this. Maybe she'll let me have some...

Best stamp set ever? I think so. I love Shanalogic! :)

This cat-designed house is AWESOME! :) I don't care, I'm so doing this to my future home. This article has more pictures about how serious Japan is about treating their pets like their own children (good!) and shows that this isn't so uncommon there!

I'm in love. (If ONLY this was an available paint job for the Ford Fusion Hybrid, one can only dream)

An old cabinet door used as a serving tray! How creative! :)

Make your own ceiling cat? Yes. I did this.
A recipe for Watermelon Pie (Sherbet) mmmmmm :)
I wouldn't doubt I would do this with my kitty. :D

Sorry this is so thrown together with only 1 1/2 hrs. left of Sunday. :P I'll try to be more efficient this week.

I've seriously started a get healthy plan. I've revamped my diet and exercise and am religiously going to stick to it! I'll keep you up to date on my improvements. Because I WILL improve! :D


  1. I'm totally gonna make a ceiling cat and see if Marc freaks out!!! Is that a car covered in knitting!? I've seen painted ones before but wow! yay for healthy!

  2. Cute picks, I love the kitty stamp!

  3. Cute stuff. That car paint job is killer! ha. And good luck with your new eating habits! can't wait to hear about your progress!