Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What I Got For Christmas!

I got so many awesome things! Here are my favorites :)

(My photo-editing skills are bomb, obviously.)

1. Stuffed Animal Seal (from Save The Bay, where my mom works)
2. Atlas Shrugged
3. 500 Days of Summer (my favorite movie that I finally own)
4. First Season of Boy Meets World...Win
5. Lego Harry Potter Yr 1-4 XBOX360
6. Alan Wake XBOX 360
7. Physician's Assistant Practice Exam Book (going to be so helping with Grad school!)
8. XBOX Live Gold Membership (Netflix on my TV...hollah)
9. Anatomy Flashcards (These are awesome! Could have used them this semester though...)
10. Squirrel Socks from my brothers girlfriend
11. A Loofah. (haha thanks mom)
12. Clue!

I also got Sims 3 Pets for my Mac but it didn't work. Some stupid patch issue with EA Games that I would have had to start all over and reinstall. No thanks. I traded it in at Target for Atlas Shrugged and ink for my printer. Haha

And for my all time favorite gift..... Drum Roll....

Bunny Footie Pajamas!!
(You can tell I had tons of room to take this picture -__-)

I LOVE these things!! Comfy fleece pjs with bunnies on them? Awesome. Only cons are that my feet are too small for the bunnies so they slid off and that I have to take the whole thing off to pee...and my house is cold (I didn't want to take them off!)

My super awesome momma also got me a pair of tights from We Love Colors! (yay!) But they haven't arrived yet (awh). But when they do, I have the perfect dress at school to pair them with and I will give you my first outfit post! Stay tuned!!

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