Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Watching (Wednesday)

The past two weeks (since I missed a post) I've watched:

Hot Tub Time Machine
I feel like this movie was very underrated. It was hilarious! Mostly because it didn't take itself seriously. It's a jokey comedy that was very entertaining! I really don't need to explain the premise, it's kind of obvious. This is a very funny movie, I recommend you see it! :)

I can't say I was disappointed because I came in with very low expectations. It fulfilled those. It was choppy, short, and the plot was lacking. It was humorous at times but I definitely wouldn't watch it again or recommend it. Unless you're bored and theres nothing to watch. I loved Katherine Heigl, however. But then again, she is pretty awesome.

The Crazies
Okay, so I LOVE anything zombie/apocalyptic/dystopian but this movie is just...perfect. It even had a nice government conspiracy-like plot to it that makes you think. The graphics, character development, story line, everything was just perfect. Although you don't really see what happens after this apocalypse in the end, it's a satisfying ending. I will watch this again and again. One of my favorite zombie films to date. (Aside from Dead Snow, of course)

Love & Other Drugs
This movie was good. To be honest, I kind of mixed it up with Crazy Stupid Love when it came to the plot, I kept waiting for Ryan Gosling to come in. haha But overall this movie was good. It had the perfect balance of touching and humor. It dragged at some points but generally I'd recommend you see it! Although for me, it's a one time see.
By the way, this isn't available on Netflix. I watched this on HBO ondemand.

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