Thursday, November 3, 2011

Class Schedule!

I finally made my class schedule for next semester and I'm catching up on a ton of schoolwork that I've been allowing to pile up. Here's what I'm taking next semester:

Nutrition in Exercise Mon & Wed @ 9:30am
Strength Training Mon & Wed @ 11am
History of Jazz Tues & Thurs @ 9:30 am
Literature for Young Adults Tues & Thurs @ 8am
Applied Statistics Tues & Thurs @ 12:30

So, best of all, NO FRIDAY CLASSES! WOOO!

Sorry this post is so short! I've been busy as I mentioned. I'm home until Sunday and I left my camera at school so I can't really do much -___- But I'll be posting Super Sunday and oh man I just realized I never did What I'm Watching. Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Yay school! That's where my brain is at too. I have so much to do!

  2. aw, i miss the days of creating my class schedule! :)
    in response to your question - i got the pin with the paperback trilogy i puchased through scholastic [i work at a middle school and placed the order with the librarian]. maybe you can google scholastic? good luck!