Saturday, November 26, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Hi guys!

I've been super busy lately catching up with school work that I haven't been posting. One thing that I'm going to start sharing with you is my journey into getting fit and healthy!

Recently, we had a small obstacle course at my college that I had a blast running through! & I learned something about myself. I CAN DO IT! I really enjoy races like that where you don't need special "sport" skills to succeed, just your own willpower and endurance. I'm getting some friends together and I'm planning on completing the Warrior Dash in June. I printed out the training schedule and I'm starting Monday. I'm going to try and revamp my eating habits as well. Being the heaviest Exercise science student, it's about damn time I start this! There's also a 10K I'd like to participate in during April. With the training schedule, I can do that! This is crazy and a big jump for me, but I honestly feel like I've found something I'd love to do (athletically). A few of my friends are doing the Tough Mudder course, which, I don't think I'd be ready for just yet. But maybe in a year or two.

I'll keep you posted and stay tuned for a Super Sunday tomorrow!

Also, I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! (I've been working) :P

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