Sunday, September 11, 2011

Super Sunday

This week, I bookmarked:

This dress from ModCloth! So pretty!

Mmmm (I need to choose! These...or fitting into that dress!)

I want to make these for my window in my room!

One day, I will be this organized. :)

Okay, this is awesome! It's a tutorial on how to do moss graffiti on your house!

These will hang in my future craft room!

Mmmm Cake Batter Milkshake. (Dammit, I'm hungry)

In My Dream Garden...

Links!...well I only have one today.
  • This logic puzzle is SO DIFFICULT! If you beat it, let me know. Because I can't.


  1. That puzzle isn't difficult. FYI. Just spend more time on it.

  2. I did. :P I'm normally very good at logic puzzles but this one, I just couldn't get. Oh well. Thanks for the visit though! :)

  3. It wasn't exactly easy without a grid... Luckily, after setting up the grid (thank you Excel) I only needed one second to organize my thoughts and everything fell into place.

    Good luck!

  4. I know! I usually do so well with the grid in the puzzle books. I will definitely try doing that in excel. Thanks for the advice :)

  5. yes, grid! i didn't do it yet but that's immediately what i thought it needed, i used to do these all the time in a class i had!