Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thrift Shopping!!

Hello! :) I had a chance to go to Salvation Army today! I went to find bookend(s) for my text books & found none. But I obviously didn't leave empty handed.....

(I also want to note that due to my teeny tiny room, 90% of the things I buy at thrift stores go into storage for when I get my own place after college. I can't wait to decorate and set up all my treasures I've found over the years)

I got some more mugs for my awesome collection :)

This Lion King Mug! ($ .49)

Kitty Cat Mug :) ($ .49)

(My mom has one just like it!)

Christmas Mug! ($. 49)

I love this one! The handle is so cool. I can't wait to drink hot cocoa out of it with cookies at Christmastime :)

I also got...
A Cat Candle Holder ($2.99)

It holds a little tea light in the middle. Candles aren't allowed in the Res Halls (& I don't have room) so this is going home for storage.

"Oh Hai."

A BRAND NEW set of Cat coasters : ) ($1)

Seriously love these.

Another kitty figurine for ($0.49)

The clerk was totally judging me with all these cat things.

Isn't this one cute? Little bunny & snail : ) ($1)

One find that I was so psyched for I literally yelled "YES!!" in the store for....

Okay, so I had seriously just told my friend how I needed colored pencils for a Physiology coloring book I bought (I'll post it when I get it!) and these pencils were perfect!! They were brand spankin' new, only $1, and...

They had Disney Princesses on them.

So yeah, today was good. Or should I say, yesterday? Since I AM posting this at 1am because I stayed up doing RA stuff and got distracted.

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